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Feb 29, 2008



I consider this very good news indeed!


The Irving Ali Baba is right near my office, so I actually eat there more often than the one in our neighborhood.

It probably ranks as on of the best buffet lunches in town. Since it's always packed at lunch time, I guess someone else agrees with me. It's the kind of buffet where they put out the "A List" items, everything is hot and good quality. Of course the downside is you eat too much.

So the only problem with the Carraba space is going to be parking because if their past success is any indication of the future, it will be very crowded.

And while we're on the subject, we usually get our Mediterranean dinner "fix" at G&G Café on Greenville. One of these days I'll write a full review of it, but very good food.

Norman Alston

There is a building permit for a restaurant without a drive-in in the window at Carabba's space, issued to Shanaa and Chanaa Enterprises of Richardson on February 25, 2008. Google turns up nothing under that company name.

Rick C.

Nice job Norman. I cant believe I am saying this, but I think the parking at the new location will be better than the old location.

The following is from another permit request for another prior Ali Baba -

" Application has been made for a Mixed Beverage Permit and Mixed Beverage Late Hours Permit for Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill, Inc. d/b/a Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill located at 5910 N. MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 121, Irving, Dallas County, Texas.
Said application made to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in accordance with the provision of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.
a Texas Corporation: Adham Shanaa, Director/President/Secretary"

Adham Shanaa is a director of SHANAA & CHANAA ENTERPRISES INC according to the Texas Corporations website.


Norman Alston

Good point. Should we expect to see a TABC application posted somewhere soon?

I have always thought that too little parking in an urban retail area is a good sign, but I can afford to be cavalier about that since I will be walking to the Ali Baba lunch buffet. Based on what I have been told about Ali Baba at lunch and what I know first hand about Angelo's lunch buffet, I will probably have to make afternoon nap time an official office policy here.

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