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Mar 31, 2008


Web Mayfield

Far West and OK Sports Bar are two different clubs (or at least two different buildings). OK Sports Bar is in the same building as the Y, Far West is in the next building over. It used to be Cowboys, a C&W club, and several other C&W and Latino clubs I can't remember the names of.

nancy wilson

Just wait. I am very familiar with the crime associated with Far West and the OK Sports Bar. There has been a group trying to purchase the building and land for a while. Needless to say, the owner lives in Highland Park and is not concerned about Lakewood. (although, he used to live here) The number of assaults there should be a wakeup call to all of us. Crime will never leave Gaston while this bar is in our neighborhood.


I think this is an outraged...
I have friends that are illegal immigrants and we go out at least every other weekend and the U.S. Immigration doing this is crazy. People go out to have fun and enjoy their time off of work and with friends and not have a single worry about anything but to enjoy the night. If they keep doing this where are we suppose to go to have fun without having to worry about the U.S. Immigration on behind my friends??

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