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Mar 27, 2008


Farinata X

"Dallas would become an overnight developers' dream"

Well, that's the idea, isn't it? Especially in Leppert's fondest dreams. Some enterprising journalist (hint, hint) should try to find out what financial connections Natinsky has to the developers behind the Signature Point re-development and whose payroll he's on.

Jeff Siegel

I'm not even sure we have to look that far to find a reason for Natinsky's enthusiasm for the project (excluding the fact that if Hunt said today was Friday, she'd get an argument from most of the council). The mindset at City Hall -- and I'm going to write about this is my May column -- is all development, all the time. I saw assistant city manager Ryan Evans talk about construction cranes this month, and I thought he was going to do a Homer Simpson when there is a donut in the room.

The staff has sold the Leppert faction on the council (which wasn't very hard) on the idea of density and walkability, which are the two au courant themes in urban planning. So anyone who gets in the way of that is an obstructionist.


Who were the 5 with Natinsky?

Ken Lampton

I am eager to know which Councilpersons voted in favor of Mr. Natinsky's motion. Also, did he "jump in front" of Ms. Hunt and make his motion before she got to make her motion? If so, this was a grave breach of etiquette, and we can be sure it was supported in advance by Leppert and the pro-growth faction on the Council. Natinsky would not pop up and do this unless it was one step in the ongoing campaign by the Mayor to punish Hunt for her work on the Trinity River Tollway referendum.
Those of us who live in Ms. Hunt's district need to find some way to rally behind her. No mater how you voted in the Trinity River Tollway referendum, if Hunt is your representative, and Mayor Leppert is successful in neutralizing her influence at City Hall, you have been stripped of your right to influence the actions of City Government.

Birchbrook Manor

Thank God we have someone like Natinsky on the city council! He was fabulous! And thank God we have Mayor Leppert! It's nice to know that we have "some" people on our city council that can see a good positive redevelopment that supports the East Dallas economy and it's future growth.

Jeff Siegel

The minutes of the meeting won't be official until the next council meeting in two weeks, but I'm told that the council members who voted with Natinsky were the mayor, Elba Garcia, Dave Neumann, and Dwaine Caraway. What's even more interesting (and I won't know this for sure until I see the roll call) is that Linda Koop, Sheffie Kadane, and Jerry Allen didn't vote with Natinsky.

For the project

I think Natinsky's comments were very much appreciated by the supporters. How can Angela Hunt say firmly that "knows her constituents" when the majority of the oppostion in this case are from Sheffie Kadane's district, not her's.

Farinata X

While all this is going on, keep an eye on something else coming down the pike for this neighborhood. In January, a group called SSWH Partners bought the Windsor House/Spanish Steppes apartments that occupy the space bounded by University, Amesbury, Sandhurst and Jason. They offered current residents one-year leases, but these expire in February '09, so look for development plans to appear shortly after that date. One wonders how supporters of the Fairfield deal would feel about something similar on that site as well.

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