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Apr 29, 2008


Matt Wood

The "why" doesn't seem that hard for me to understand. They are building it, not for what is in the area now, but what is coming. Target is able to support two stores within a mile of each other here. There is major development happening near Northpark to the west, and on both the north and south ends of Skillman from this site. They may be overbuilding retail, but I suspect big box retail will fare better than specialty retail. Density isn't "coming" - its here.


Wow who is the ceo of this company I mean you have to be stupid to build a new store in this economic period. J.C. Penny sales have been down don't they know that people are cutting back on nonessential items, Big Box stores will take a huge hit except those Wal-Mart Grocery stores like the one on 75. Wal-Mart superstores won't fare well because most of the stuff they sell are nonessential all the crappy clothes and toys will bring their sales down. Target had to write down billions of dollars on their credit department. Every body is cutting back it doesn’t matter if people are rich, middle, or poor even Bentley Motors sales are down.

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