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May 28, 2008



I have mixed feelings on this as Garcia makes a good point because otherwise I'm all for getting uninsured drivers off the road. Almost everybody has a story about being in a wreck and the other driver driving away from the scene. I know it would take a change to state law but I would certainly consider changes that allow the officer to take the cars plates and peel off the registration and inspection sticker and give a citation that allows them the use of the vehicle for 4 hours. Time enough to get home or for whatever hardship people can come up with. I know we would then see a rise in stolen plates and fake inspection stichers and registrations


The city doesn't have enough police, so their response is to create more work for the current police. I sometimes forget to put my most recent insurance card in my wallet - I may have one that expired a month or two ago, I still have the same up-to-date policy, I have a clean driving record and a nice car, but now they've got to tow me. It's just a petty, harrassing version of manditory minimum sentencing. I'd be curious to see if any local towing companies made campaign contributions to city council members, and if they'll be the ones towing the no-proof-of-insurance cars.

Desert Rat

I'm all for getting unisured drivers off of the road but this blog is replete with recent stories about the police shortage in this city & the rise in burglaries. Now, we're going to have our limited force spending more time having unisured motorists' cars towed? Can somebody please explain the logic here? Rome is burning & Nero fiddles.

Jeff Siegel

Observist makes a good point. Perhaps it's my ex-newspaperman's cynicism, but I see all sorts of "outsourcing contracts" here, tied to campaign contributions. We'll hear that the city doesn't have the resources to tow the cars, and the next thing you know, there will be half a dozen, politically connected private towing companies doing the job.


I think if the police are taking the un-insured drivers off the road (by towing vechiles), then it's a good bet that they are probably scooping up alot of the criminal element.

Call me a profiler, but it's my guess that criminals who are breaking into homes and businesses, aren't buying auto insurance.

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