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Jun 29, 2008


Louisa Meyer, Dallas ISD Parent since 1993 and Member Dallas Achieves Commission

Blame the past on an apathetic electorate when voters elected incompetent trustees who then hired two loathsome superintendents.

Change began with the election of trustee Ken Zornes who deserves credit for 1) ousting Bill Rojas and 2) recruiting Mike Moses. DMN deserves full blame for treating the honorable Mike Moses like he was the shameful Bill Rojas. Mike Moses saved this district and paved the way for Michael Hinojosa.

The electorate remains fully engaged to dispense criticism but shirks its responsibility when we need trustees to serve or to help the competent candidates get elected.

My children benefited from what Mike Moses called, the "pockets of excellence" within the district and (pause for commercial break) flourished at Nathan Adams Elementary, T. C. Marsh Middle and W. T. White High schools.

Moses made huge progress attacking the daunting task of rebuilding the district with the goal of replicating excellence throughout. He did not ask for the job but served it exceedingly well and might have served longer if not for the hideous marketing agenda of DMN. I among many grieved when Moses left.

We are most thankful for the arrival of the incredibly talented Michael Hinojosa who considered Dallas his dream job and as an admirer of Mike Moses considered the timing right to pursue. Hinojosa's accomplishments are remarkable. http://frontburner.dmagazine.com/2008/05/30/leading-off-228/

Now is the time to Choose Dallas ISD.

(And for DMN to move on to another investigative beat.)


We gave DISD a year of our son's education. It was the biggest crock and dog and pony show. We are RUNNING to the Park Cities after living 12 years in Lakewood. We don't expect perfection but we do expect competence and actual understanding of state law and TEA guidelines.

East Dallas Parent

I am sorry to hear of your bad experience. Many, but not all East Dallas/Lakewood parents, have the option to move to the Park Cities, which indisputably has a very good public schooling system.

Which school did your son attend? Any specific examples of crockery?


I think by "biggest crock and dog and pony show" JC meant to say, "too many blacks and Mexicans and refugees" for his son to be around. That is why they ran to the Park Cities. By the way, did you know that the average household in the Park cities spends over 65% of their household income on their home and transportation, while the average Dallasite spends less than 45%. Kinda makes you wonder who is actually giving their kids the best education.


Sorry, here is the link to the study, it didn't get posted:



For the record-I am a former teacher in DISD and I am female not a male. I also taught at risk students of various races-mainly minorities. It was very enjoyable. My issue was not with the students at all-it was with the administration as a teacher and as a parent. I have volunteered in urban schools for more than 15 years.

When I speak of these issues-I am talking about specific and flagrant abuse of TEA guidelines and furthermore-Title 1 laws. The biggest problem was not for us-we knew our rights but for the parents that didn't.

Yes-I would love to stay and crusade for all those other kids but I did it for 15 years, and I have children that I need to educate now.

I don't doubt your survey in the least, Dallas. What that has to do with anything in my family's situation though-not sure. It is always easy to make ad hominem attacks when others choose a different path than yours. It really speaks more about your own insecurities in your choices than the reasons behind theirs.

I do want to apologize for my knee jerk initial post because you are right-we are fortunate to be able to choose whether to stay, whether to go, etc. and yes-many in our area can choose just as many can not. I did not mean to come off as "HA! I am leaving where it is better" Frankly-there will be just as many issue in any district or school-it does come down to leadership ultimately though.

It has been a frustrating ride for my family and I am sorry that I took it out here.

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