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Jun 07, 2008


Norman Alston

I grew up in Garland and our No 1 place to go to dinner was the El Fenix in Casa Linda. I remember sitting in class in elementary school craving tortillas. In those days, the '60's, that particular El Fenix was designed to look like an outdoor courtyard with the sides lined with enclosed booths of stucco with Spanish tile roofs and neon lighting. The center had tables under huge fake palm trees strung with Christmas lights. The ceiling was black, so no matter how hot and bright it was outside, it was always a cool night inside El Fenix. I have thought for years that they should re-install that original design.

What are the chances that something like the El Fenix we know survives?

Michael Mosteller

Every Wednesday night was the family's night to go to El Fenix. Always remember how great it was to go to Casa Linda, have a great meal and hit up either Waldenbooks or Sound Warehouse on our way home. And the theater was still lit then.

I hope the new group keeps everything the same. Please don't mess with something that isn't broken.

Bob Johnston

Wednesday night at El Fenix is still a tradition in our family. Every week--last year 50 out of 52 Wednesdays--we meet our kids and grandkids from various parts of town at the downtown location, are greeted by Alfred Martinez and are served excellently by our regular waiter, Domingo, who's been there for 24 years!

Just hope the tradition can continue under the new ownership.

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