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Jul 30, 2008


Rick C.

No such thing as a "fender bender" in a car that is closer in size to a hot wheel.

Norman Alston

An update to my GEM story; It seems they are only restricted by law to the 25 mph maximum speed limit at the time of manufacture. They can't sell you a car that does faster than 25, but there is apparently no law that prevents the owner from modifying it to do so. It seems the 25 mph governor can be overcome by fooling with the control program, a job for computer hacker types. Also, I have heard that substituting a 7hp motor for the stock 5hp, simultaneous with over-riding the governor, helps alot. I'm still trying to find out what effect, if any, these changes have on the car's range.


Acually, I think this is the future for most motorist. The Car is an excessive waste of just about everything, and that waste is about to catch up with us. Right now batteries that are big enough to drive a full size car (or even a compact) is far too expensive. That is why GM killed the electric car, and why Tesla only makes electric super cars. And don't make the mistake that battery cost will come down with manufacturing. We are already manufacturing millions and millions of batteries, and they are still a very expensive carrier of energy. And what is worse, anyone with a laptop or iPod knows that batteries ware down over time. You will probably need to get it replaced. And that is unlikely to change. The car age as we know it is over.


yeah, i talked to this guy on the street while he was driving the little car. he's selling htem at greenvehiclesoftexas.com and has photos and stuff about all of his electric cars. and now he's a celebrity! cool.

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