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Jul 30, 2008


Farinata X

Wow. A Republican family values hypocrite. Now there's a news flash.


This piece looks like a cheap shot. Is the author a Democrat?

Are you for/against the boys scouts having a commenormative coin? What the heck does that have to do with this story line.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Norman Alston

While the venue is an interesting choice, the Congressman's personal commitment to strong family values is beyond question. Further, his abhorrence of some of the practices you describe that have been undertaken by the club owner is likewise without doubt.


What a piece of shoddy work. You link everyting in your article (Las Vegas Nightclub, Jay Z, Fourty Deuce, commenorative coins, etc.) but leave out the fundamental link to your story line...."flack from his conservative brethren".....

This author should stick to reviewing wines and pontificating on real estate matters.


It's a national story Robert, settle down:



Jeff Siegel's misleading characterization of Sessions "taking alot of flack from his conservative bretheren" is actually a single person (Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum)who is quoted by the original DMNs storyline.

Backtalkeastdallas should remove this story from the web site, or require Jeff Siegel to ammend his reporting of the facts!!!


The Washington Post article says nothing about Sessions taking heat from his conservative bretheren.

The Siegel storyline is a total flasehood and should be amended.


I love how all you GOP supporters yell and scream when a story breaks about one of your guys, but you all support the trash that FOX News and the like spew everyday about Dems. Grow up.


I'm sure the Boyscouts are just relieved to know that Sessions and his supporters are clearly into chicks.


I think Siegel needs to come out from hiding under his desk and prove his original statment that ".S. Rep. Pete Sessions is taking a lot of flack from his conservative brethren"....in all the stories published by other news organizations I don't see any references to his taking alot of flack...

I see liberal pundits trying to cause a controversy.

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