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Sep 24, 2008



In the Monday evening presentation, a biologist from TP&W mentioned that while the lake level is down that various repairs and enhancements could be made around the shoreline. Among the possible enhancements could be the repairing of the boat ramps and the planting of native under water vegetation to enhance fishing.

Apparently the TP&W has full grants and 75% funds available but (for some unknown reason) no one involved in the project planning applied for these available grants. When questioned, the biologist said it was now too late to apply as the next year's budgets have been set.

After the presentations and during a question & answer session, Councilman Kadane told the group that these enhancements needed to be done and that he wanted to make them a reality. I hope that his words were a genuine commitment and not just verbal fluff to please his constituents.

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