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Sep 24, 2008


Wish I. Hadacat

Anyone else notice all the rats running through the streets since they tore all these apartments down (incl Village View by target)?


Just for the record this is not mixed-use design or a walkable transit oriented development.

The residential and retail components are housed separately and the whole complex is cutting itself off from the street and DART with parking lots.

Wish I. Hadacat

Alex, Mixed Use: in planning zone terms, this can mean some combination of residential, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses. As for the transit situation, parking lot or not it's a block from the train.


By that definition Casa Linda Plaza is "mixed-use," it has commercial and office, and light industrial and institutional across the street. But we both know it's just a strip mall.


You're right, the traffic in that area can be crazy, but isnt the point of having high density near the train stations so that more people will get out of their cars and walk. If the developer isnt planning on having a walkable transit oriented development maybe it should be considered - this area is prime for it in the long term. Its a long tranistion to make from being very vehicle friendly to very pedestrian friendly, but maybe thats the transition we're in.

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