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Sep 09, 2008



I thought Whole Foods had a long lease on the Lower Greenville site and wouldn't sublease it to an operation that would compete with the new Lakewood WF store. I think the best fit possible in that space would be a Trader Joe's (saying prayers!).


I hope they go with Lower Greenville. It is an excellent spot. And the more neighborhood grocery stores the better.


The first blogger got all facts distorted about Natural Grocers (what was this person smoking?). This company has 28 stores , 25 in Colorado, two in New Merxico, one in Texas. The company is well over 100 million dollar company, not 25 million,and employs close to 1000 people. They are not looking at the Whole Foods site in Greenville Ave but a different location close to Whole Foods in Greenville. They do not compete with Whole Foods but supplement them, having all-organic produce(Whole Foods major portion is non-organic produce and they indicate it so). What separates this company fron all others in the category is the strict all-and-only organic products, and price. They usually are about 20% cheaper than the rest. Try them. I did, and found out all about these people, and love them.

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