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Sep 30, 2008



I don't understand (from your reporting) why the "Garden" can't go on without DISD funding.

If it has been such a cool and shining star within DISD, i would think that parents, teachers, and other could find ways to make it go on without taxpayer dollars.

It is frivolous nonsense that my tax dollars are paying for a "Garden".

K Meyers

Without the science teacher, why have the garden? He is the botanist and agronomist. The parents already pay for the music teacher...now we will need to pay for the science teacher too? Instilling a real love of science in these students is not frivolous. It is a real science lab. My daughter wants to be a biochemist and that is due to the science program at Stonewall. It is one of the reasons why the students at this school actually succeed in the wasteland of DISD. I want my tax dollars paying for programs that work and this science program actually produces results.


>It is frivolous nonsense that my tax dollars are paying for a "Garden".


In a time when too many kids spend too much time sitting in front of computers or tv, you're gonna complain about money spent so kids can use a garden as a learning environment?!

You're right, bugs, worms, water cycles, where food comes from, pollenation, nutrition, etc... all garbage that our kids have no business learning. And even IF we wanted them to learn those things, or heaven forbid actually be interested in them, sitting in a classroom with a teacher droning on and teaching to some standardized test is a much more effective means of delivering those lessons.


Robert - you obviously missed the point. We aren't just losing the Garden but the Science Teacher and the curriculum based on our outdoor lab. If creating unique learning opportunities for our children is what you deem as 'frivolous' maybe you should be spending your tax dollars in another city.


The garden at Stonewall and the LOLA (Lakewood Outdoor Learning Area) at Lakewood Elementary are what makes East Dallas schools great places to learn. I would gladly give my tax dollars to a garden as opposed to giving them to some useless bi-lingual program.

diane hooper

The parents at Stonewall can keep the garden alive, but they cannot teach the science curriculum that goes with it. It is the education and experience that is in jeopardy not a bunch of flowers.


This is the reason DISD should be broken up parents only care about the schools their children attend. They may say they care about schools in South Dallas, but the reality is they don’t. Every school will take it’s hit in this budget crisis. Plus next year could be worse in 2007 the district had a deficit, but covered it with reserves. Sorry about the garden and science teacher, but just think with your own separate district would this be problem?

Enough Talk

There has been enough talk about breaking up the DISD - how do we go about it?


There is no chance that the DISD will be broken up. Please see Federal Civil Rights and School Desegration Lawsuits. It would also never get by the Justice Department


Maybe parents in South Dallas should care more about their schools. It is called parental involvement and it seems to be sorely lacking in that area.

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