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Oct 07, 2008


Norman Alston

The retail revitalization idea is a suburban solution to an urban problem. While better retail is needed in many areas, it is generally not a big reason why people live in the City. Lake Highlands would seem to illustrate that. If the City wants to improve neighborhoods and quality of life, I suggest they refocus on infrastructure, like decent streets, and programs like crime prevention and code enforcement.

Farinata X

"Small ball" projects don't matter to guys like Leppert, and the only infrastructure he cares about is the one that supports his narcissistic self-regard: multi-zillion dollar tollroads and hotels. And lackeys like Levinthal and Natinsky exist only to serve him. What hacks these guys are.


They didn't have $65 million to complete Haskell Blvd from West Village/City Place to Fair Park and they so far haven't found money to daylight and beautify Mill Creek (which crosses Haskell at Ross and runs down to Deep Ellum). Under the 100-year old Kessler Plan, Mill Creek was to be developed as Turtle Creek was..

Those two projects would bring a huge return.

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