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Oct 29, 2008


East Dallas Native

I appreciate all the thought you have put into this and I certainly respect your opinion. But apparently the two members of the school board from this area will not listen to us. One of them laughed at us (according to The Observer) and the other told us he wanted to get rid of Dr. Hinojosa but didn't have the votes, then told a DMN columnist that we need to keep him for stability. He ultimately abstained from voting.

The mayor is silent. I think a few legislators might do something after the elections (two have been extraordinarily involved in our schools during this crisis but haven't taken a position as far as I know).

The only option open right now for those of us who care is to write to TEA Commissioner Robert Scott: commissioner@tea.state.tx.us

Norman Alston

EDN, I can't argue with your observations. I can't say, however, that I get excited at the idea of a Stage agency riding to the rescue. It shouldn't have to be the State, or even the Mayor. It should be us.

Board elections for some candidates are in May, I think, but the DISD website doesn't say.

Norman Alston

That would be "State" agency

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