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Oct 31, 2008



Maggiano's works because it has really good food. I never was a meatball fan until I ate spaghetti and meatballs and Maggiano's, and now I am pretty much stuck on it, ordering the same thing nearly every time I go in. They occasionally have one of the best desserts in town, Panna Cotta, which I so fell in love with that I had to learn to make it myself since they only have it occasionally and it's not on the menu. I'm usually alone when I eat there, so the "family" menu holds no allure for me, but even the "half portions" for lunch are more than I can eat at a sitting and I usually end up taking some home. Take out is very generous, even for one entree. It will feed me about three times, and they put in whole loaves of bread.

I do dispair that so many restaurants have begun to offer everything ala carte, because I don't think it would hurt anyone to throw in a salad with an entree, and that can certainly run the bill up at Maggiano's, but once in awhile I just have to have the (enormous and tender) meatballs and spaghetti.

I generally avoid any place that caters to "family" as Maggiano's would seem to do by emphasizing their family menu, even though individual portions are also available; but despite its "family" marketing efforts, it seems to me that Maggiano's NorthPark has maintained a very pleasant and refreshingly adult clientele.

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