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Oct 23, 2008



The silence from the mayor on the current school crisis is deafening. People are looking for some - any - leader to take the bull by the horns on this issue.

I can also easily come to the conclusion that he really does not care. Maybe if his kid were waiting all day in the auditorium for a schedule change?

Sam Merten

"As for education, the mayor has certainly been to his fair share of tree plantings and other activities, but with the Dallas Independent School District in shambles, Mr. Leppert won't condemn the leadership running such a dysfunctional organization."


give me a break

rasansky is a moron.

We have a mayor that was on the board of Washington Mutual. That is the story. Leppert is a very very qualified person and we should be thankful he is our mayor. His statement and the company's failure are irrelevant. He didnt run the company. He's not going to trash the company he is on the board of. Plus, what did he say. "The feeling". He didnt say IT IS.

I dont necessarily agree with this hotel thing, but dont throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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