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Nov 03, 2008


Lee Gibson

I'm having trouble (again) with my daily delivery. I'm so tired of having to call for a missed paper that I told the lady this morning if they missed one more, that would be it. I find it amusing that they can throw papers to people who don't want them, but paying customers can't get reliable delivery. I've been a subscriber my entire adult life and I've read the paper since I was a child, but that's really the only reason I continue with this increasingly inferior product--it's just such a habit. Once subscribing becomes a nuisance, I'm out.

Alan W

Let's see - internet revenue down 19%? Maybe it's the horrific-looking website for the Morning News. It's an embarrassment for a major newspaper: unnavigable, no coherent structure to ad placement and just plain ugly. If the print version of the paper is doing so poorly, they should at least spend a little money on a decent web development company and try to do something there.

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