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Nov 04, 2008


Michael Davis

Notice that you sited a DMN article from over a year ago; Caraway dropped the idea of it being an ordinance LAST YEAR.

This is news? Seriously? On a night of history in the Presidential campaign? On the night of a hard-fought House victory from Lakewood's Allan Vaught to retain his seat. On the Lake Highlands blog, no mention of Carol Kent booting out Tony Goolsby after 20-year of serving in District 102 but this article is posted? But this is news? I guess it depends on who's doing the writing.

Farinata X

This is a post so trivial, especially on this of all occasions, that I thought initially it had been written by Christina Hughes-Blabb. Gee, Rick, you can do better that this.

And how about that Goolsby loss, eh?

Rick Wamre

Sorry to offend you two. And it's good to know from you, Michael, that we've heard the last of the saggy-pants saga downtown.

Rick Wamre

Guess who turned up on television yesterday, the day after the presidential election, talking about saggy pants? That's right, it was Dwaine Caraway ...


And here I was thinking this was a trivial, no-news issue.

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