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Nov 17, 2008


Norman Alston

You credit Levinthal with reporting on the sales tax revenue shortfall, but it seems to me that you have been predicting this exact scenario since at least your August 8 post on Mary Suhm and the budget.

Desert Rat

Outside of Leppert & his toadies on the Council, anybody with half a brain could have predicted this. His predictions on the revenue his Taj Mahal hotel will bring in should give any thinking person pause. Why do you think that he wants construction started so quickly???

Jeff Siegel

Norm is too kind. My point was that given how everything is so hunky dory downtown, according to The News, that Levinthal would have been allowed to write this. I'm assuming the information was in an email sent to council members was leaked to him. And he had the good sense and reportorial instinct to write it.


Angela Hunt voted against this year's City of Dallas budget (along with Mitchell Rasansky) for this very reason. From her blog (http://www.angelahunt.com/blog/comment.asp?bi=261):

...I think our budget is too optimistic in this financial climate. It's not an overstatement to say our country is in a financial crisis. We need to cut back as much as possible and prepare for lower than predicted property and sales tax revenue. I hope the optimistic predictions turn out to be right, but I'd rather plan for the worst. Under the adopted budget, I predict we will not see as much money flowing into the city coffers as hoped, and that mid-year the city will have to cut services to make up for the shortfall.

Most of the people at City Hall are fools, but not all of them.

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