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Nov 05, 2008


Farinata X

Remember that Sessions could hardly do worse in this artificially, Delay-gerrymandered district that does not include all of Dallas County, just the parts where he will do well regardless.

Norman Alston

I agree that the 32nd is a "safe" Republican district, just as the 30th (Eddie Bernice Johnson) is a "safe" Democratic district. I'm sure we could both name others. I believe Jeff's point, however, is that Pete's performance in this race in this county bode well for his popularity with the Republican base, which will be important in a state-wide election. As a state, Texas still votes red by a wide margin.

One of the problems that seems to have developed following the Conservative Freight Train 12 years ago is that not all of the Republican incumbents were necessarily strong candidates to start with. You could get away with that even 4 years ago, but not any more. We've seen some of this shakeout in the last two election cycles.

Sam Johnson's very narrow victory in the 3rd is interesting. Not my area and not one where I would expect him to be troubled by straight-ticket voters. Is there an issue in play there?

No one has mentioned Lupe Valdez.


Jeff, are you ever happy about anything that has to do with the City of Dallas? Your perpetual whining about the mayor only makes you look petulant, and dilutes whatever message you are trying to get across. I'm sure that you bowed at the broken altar that was Laura Miller, but she is no longer mayor, and this city is better for it. How you can manage to equate the convention center hotel issue to this election is beyond me. All of your friends that are financing the anti-hotel measures are big time Republicans, and I don't recall the Democratic establishment in Dallas coming out against the hotel at all, so there is no fair comparison at all.


So Dallas County? Only Democratic because of a fluke, right? I eagerly await Cambres analysis as to why this means that the GOP still has a leg up here.

Michael Mosteller

"probably means the end of Keffer’s political career"--one can only hope. Keffer has run a shameful campaign for two straight elections. I'm glad the voters saw through it and gave Allen Vaught a second term.


Sessions did run better than McCain in the dozen or so precincts I checked, but only 4-9% better.

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