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Nov 05, 2008


Norman Alston

If three years isn't enough time to have an impact, then run for re-election. That reasoning only works for term limits, not election cycles. This proposal only puts more distance between our Trustees and accountability. I say change it to 2 years like the US House of Representatives. Or wait until the rest of the house is in some kind of order before even bringing this issue up.

I feel like I'm being taunted.


Any elected body should not simply vote themselves longer terms. Even if they can do it legally, it is likely to be a PR disaster; but then PR doesn't seem to be very well understood at 3700 Ross.

4 year terms are a good idea, especially since they are unpaid positions, but the board should vote now for the change to be effective once the current the three year terms are up.


Could they have picked a worse time? According to Texas law we can't have recall elections, so we must wait until they run for re-election. Unless we can get the TEA to step in or petition for an election to break up the district...


Imagine a Lakewood Independent School District. Woodrow, Long, and their four current feeder elementary schools. LISD would be a majority minority district. Imagine the school board we could elect. People who understand our schools and neighborhoods. Imagine the excitement of the parents, teachers, and neighborhood. Give us a few years and we could achieve so much. Imagine the success of the Highland Park Independent School District with a diverse and funky East Dallas vibe.

DISD is rotten at the top. Extending their terms in this crisis? DISD cannot be reformed. It is time to move on.
Break up DISD now. It can be done. Would Stonewall Jackson be losing it's garden/science lab teacher in the Lakewood Independent School District? No! We need small local independent school districts with the smallest possible number of administrators. Put the power in the hands of our principles and teachers and parents!

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