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Nov 14, 2008


Farinata X

The birds belong there. You don't. Get over it.

Christina Hughes-Babb

a silly high-school literature pseudonym, pitiful "sixthcircleofhell" e-mail address and consistently mean and spiteful comments and juvenile name calling ... who hurt you Farinata X?

Somebody needs a hug :)

Farinata X

Oh, snap! I'll bet you're a Leppert supporter, too, like that disappointing Siegel guy.

Rick C

I am just shocked there were 9 prior people in the same family named Farinata. I wonder if any of them had anything productive to say?

Quentin Mendoza

I think you're both missing the point...we all belong here.

It's ridiculous to suggest that humans have less of a right to exist than other organisms. Arguably, nature is largely responsible for making us what we are today. The question now is are we going to wake up from our primordial sleep and choose to restore balance to a world for which we've shown ignorant disrespect. Or, are we simply going to remain well-fed, well-dressed savages looking to take, take, take - consequences be damned.

To that end, we must be dutiful stewards of our natural sphere. That means we can't blame the birds for being birds; indeed we must do what we can to ensure that birds have an opportunity to go on being birds for as long as possible. We can no longer continue our vain efforts to bend nature to our selfish will; it's time for us humans to make a few compromises. After all, our success as a species is directly related to our ability to adapt. In other words, if you can't stand the smell, use the brains God gave you and find an alternate route.

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