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Feb 26, 2007


Lorlee Bartos

A word of defense...

The blue bin recycling program seems to be working well in my neighborhood. It is great to be able to just throw everything in to in.

I have also been impressed at the number of my neighbors who have requested blue bins who never took the time to put recyclables into the blue bags -- mine were often the only ones on the street. So it has encouraged more recycling.

Rick Wamre

I still have my bin, even though I wasn't supposed to receive one in the first place. We've been filling it up regularly, and the City has been emptying it every other Thursday, just like clockwork. And one of my neighbors asked if he could put some stuff in it since he didn't request one in the first place. If the City can ever get its hands around the program, I think people will participate. It's sure a lot easier than the way we used to do it, visiting various recycling spots with the various, sorted recyclables...

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