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Mar 22, 2007


Joel Trout

I don't care if it is a spped trap, and I'm sorry it's been curtailed. That section of Skillman going both ways is a straightaway. I've nearly been run over any number of times.

Keri Mitchell

I drive that route every day to work and see a police car or motorcycle parked there about 25 percent of the time. I don't mind police going after excessive speeders, there or anywhere, but it is annoying that the speed limit changes from 40 to 35 right before you head down a hill. Of course, the utility work is basically acting as a speed bump right now (and has been for weeks as the street was torn up and then paved in and then, what else, cratered into potholes), so everyone is slowing down even without the presence of a radar gun.

Mike Baird

I bet you only see them on nice days Keri.

You can speed with impunity if its cold and rainy.

You don't allow Dallas' finest to read this blog do you?

Aren Cambre

That's good news. Accident reports repeatedly show that run of the mill speeding, which these guys so profitably ticket, isn't what causes speed-related crashes. Speed-related crashes are overwhelmingly caused by those boobs who drive fast while doing other stupid stuff, like be drunk, overdrive the conditions (which has little do to with our politically-influenced speed limits), swerve, unobservant driving, etc.

Of course, if you're sitting behind a blind spot, there's no way you can spot these other violations.

Speed traps are profit machines, plain and simple.

Kyle Rains

The "Kojak with the Kodak" - to use CB speak - has been there since I started driving in those days. If you ain't from around here, Beauford T. Justice is gonna BBQ your a** in molasses. I kind of like that.

Jeff Siegel

Kojak with the Kodak? Going to get out your plaid bell bottoms and your beads, Kyle?

Kyle Rains

OK I will 'cop' to the plaid bell bottoms (once I looked all over for a lost contact lens and it was in the cuff of the bell bottoms), but no beads, no platform shoes, no 'fro. I was given a leisure suit by my mom but I never wore it, so there!

But, I did have a brand-new Camaro (silver with red interior, of course).

For Jackie Gleason stealing the show in Smokey and the Bandit, watch this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XfbYpUWMwm4

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