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Apr 12, 2007


Rick Wamre

I attended a board meeting of the Dallas Northeast Chamber of Commerce earlier this week, and on the agenda was a "Trinity Moving Forward Resolution" that appeared to have been magically forwarded to the Dallas Northeast Chamber by the Greater Dallas Chamber. The resolution was all nicely typed out, with two fill-in-the-space blanks, both requiring only that the Dallas Northeast Chamber fill in its name and then vote to approve the resolution. None of the board members owned up to having seen the resolution prior to the board meeting, so it was dismissed out of hand as something that needed more study before a vote. But I expect that other chambers in the area probably have already endorsed the form and we'll be seeing a phalanx of them standing before microphones along with the mayor sometime before the vote. I especially liked the final paragraph: "The petition drive to relocate the Parkway without describing a viable alternative will accomplish no public purpose and will needlessly delay much needed improvements. FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE asks that citizens not sign the petition but participate in planning a truly great public park." Well, wouldn't signing a petition asking for debate about the location of the parkway in the park be considered a form of participating in planning a truly great park?

Michael Davis

A lot of us regular citizens have cameras, and tons of people willing to post such pics of these "hounders". I dare them to hound ME.
That's all I can say.

Michael Davis

Linking your story to my blog.
I had to hear it for myself. unbelievable.

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