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May 29, 2007


White Rock Lakester

We get them every year in the Lake Highlands area where I live (Easton/Lippit), where they come out of the greenbelts, and the neighborhood organization has them trapped. I saw one in my neighbor's lawn last fall. Beautiful animals... unfortunately there is some ordinance that says any animal trapped in the city that is moved more than a few miles has to be euthenized. Coyotes were in those greenbelts long before people put roads around them and called them greenbelts. Dogs and cats aren't supposed to be outside without leashes or fences around them, but it's still a good idea to bring all animals in at night, as I'm told coyotes have jumped fences. And don't think large dogs are that much safer. A few years back a number of coyotes attacked a local dog simultaneously.


We have coyotes in our greenbelt. I grew up on the prairie. There were always coyotes just across the street down by the creek. You could hear them most nights. I rode my horse right through their territory regularly. They never showed their faces during the day. We didn't have a fence for our pets. We had a chihuahua for 14 years who ran around outdoors day and night at will, and lots of cats, even some chickens. We never had any of them eaten by coyotes. It is just as likely that a loose dog is killing cats as a coyote -- more so, really. I saw a coyote laying with a dog in my neighborhood. They are buddies. I walked right by them, right at dusk.

There has been a story on the news this week about feral dogs killing cats in East Dallas. They are going to radical measures to apprehend them. They are doing everything but the obvious: feed them, find them a home. Just because an animal is so hungry it is killing animals that are not its normal prey does not mean it is a bad animal. I'm not saying feed coyotes, because that would upset the natural balance. But do feed those poor dogs if you want to stop worrying about them killing something. They are not the culprits.

If you seriously believe you have a coyote eating your cats or small dogs, the best thing you can do to prevent this is to be sure and bring your animals in before dusk. These coyotes are not strictly nocturnal, but they prefer nighttime, when it's dark and quiet. Also, put a big light outside your house that is on a timer to come on at dusk.

Personally, I think people overreact to coyotes. If you saw as many squirrel, rabbits, possum and raccoons, snakes and lizards and birds as I do, you wouldn't be quite as worried about a coyote getting your cat. These are the coyote's natural prey, along with field mice, which, thankfully, I have only rarely seen. If a cat gets mauled during the day, it's probably another cat or a dog, not a coyote. I cannot imagine an instance when a coyote would be dangerous to a human unless the human inadvertently got too close to its young ones. Trust me, they are much more afraid of us and wish to avoid us at all costs. We are so lucky to live in one of the only intact habitats in this big urban center. We should remember that we displaced them, not the other way around.


I shot this photo this morning on Lippit... the city is warning people to stay out of the greenbelts in my neighborhood to keep clear of coyote traps:


I agree with the last post entirely... the coyote issue is being blown out of proportion, and I think the city's desire to euthanize them is too. Bring your animals in at night. I did see a mother coyote a few weeks ago on Van Dyke at 4:30 in the afternoon, so if you let your cats run around free outside (as I do) just live with the fact that they are in at least some danger.

Btw... is there a way we can contact the administrators of this site to submit content like the image I posted here? The site has little contact information.

Stacy Peng

Do I think it is overrated about coyote attacks. Before tonight NO. But after our incident, I think they should be condemned. Especially when they are NOT beneficial to our environment in any way shape or form.

My 9 pound chihuahua was attacked and carried away by a coyote earlier tonight from our California home right in front my husband.

They were here yesterday and apparently have been stalking the ares.

They took her away from in front of our home (gate between us and mountains). Dragged her across two mountains while my husband, neighbors and local police set out for search (and rescue) effort. They found her about 2 hours later almost 2 miles aways from our home. They worked in teams. A few of them acted as decoys when the rescue workers found their den. My pet has escaped death with major punctures.

At this point, she is in critical condition and is not sure if she will make it. Her front legs showed NO signs of mobility.


I feel as you do!!! i live in north los angeles and had my 10 pound chihuahua Latte' dissapear and was told that a 3 pack of coyotes killed and carried away my pride and joy---my kid and a sweet girl she is!!!im sorry your dog is hurt to that extent and i prey your baby is able to live....I am amazed at how quickly the coyotes were able to take my dog?!! I never would think that a 3 oclock am let out of my dog july 1st 2007 could end up like this, im sad and dont really know if the neighbor in our appt complex is telling the truth--no clossure for my yet but im on the hunt and will find something eventually---my girl was or is 10.5 yrs old and the motive for me pressing on in life...i cant replace her and i hope you feel as i do in this area w/your injured baby---im sorry for your trauma and your babys injuries--may your chi pull through-godspeed!!!


Btw, it seems that the coyote traps I posted a picture of above have been removed, seemingly just after our neighborhood "Night Out" gathering with city officials to address the coyote concerns.


I just saw three coyote's crossing Van Dyke yesterday into Norbuck Park.

Dan Trice

December 29th, 2007. Just photographed a large coyote on Buxhill Dr. around 9:00PM in East Dallas. He was NOT afraid of me or my camera.

jade shelton

i was very interested in these storys. i've been reading a lot about coyotes lately, not only because i'm interested- but because there are coyotes in my area. i live in hayesville N.C., and lately we've been having some problems with them. at night at about 11-30 or 12, we hear coyote howls. i enjoy responding to the two short barks and long wavering yodels. but nearly a week ago my aunt that lives beside me said that daisy, her dog was missing. the dog was a rat- terrier. my aunt woke up and roper, her blue heeler and dingo mix was sleeping in daisy's bed and claims that roper NEVER sleeps in daisy's bed. then near the horse trail we found what seemed to be coyote droppings with bones in it. then on up the road more droppings with hair in it. any idea what to do about these coyotes?


Hey, I have a great idea. Lets just kill ourselves and let the animals have the neighborhood back. East Dallas is full of the biggest liberal whackjobs I have ever heard.

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