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May 29, 2007


Michael Mosteller

Don't forget the daily 2 slices and a drink special for around $4.50. Love Tony's. I go there so often, they know what I order and don't even ask me. We have some great local places to go get pizza in this area. From Tony's and Picassos in Lake Highlands to Sali's and Alfonso's in Casa Linda to Scalini's and Angelo's in Lakewood.


I like Tony's food, but their service can be quite bad. If you go at night, chances are it will be fine because they have the extra wait staff there. But I used to go often during the day, at off-peak hours, and have sat and waited for my check literally for 20 minutes while the woman who is part of the family sat on the phone talking. I usually have to wave someone down. And I've stood at the door for minutes before anyone noticed as well. Their tortellini bolognese is very good.

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