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May 04, 2007


Norman Alston

So this must be what is meant by "the fog of war". While we debate the context of emails, the content of the original ballot language, the value of my architect colleagues giving one another awards, the legacy of the mayor and the rights of voters, the basic questions go unanswered. This started because City Council was briefed on a change in the Plan that had a negative impact on the park space and was presented within the context of spiraling costs. These are clear changes and I have not seen them denied. The emails from Krieger and Eager clearly exhibit concern for the direction of the design. That appears to be the purpose of these emails. Reasonable doubt is established, at least with me.

Blogs and on-line articles on both sides of the debate are papered with images from the original plan, prior to the changes that started all of this. Yet, nothing substantive about the current design of the tollroad is made available. It should not be difficult to produce a drawing, a simple plan, that shows the original concept and road layout (the plan that won the award) versus the current design. We neither want nor need construction details, just a layout. That such a straightforward rebuttal has not been offered only fans the flames of doubt.

Rick Wamre

Good points all, Norm. And you're right: If there were some real plans lying around for what was going on, I would probably be blogging about my kids or my dog or something else like that. But since there's not, and since no one is producing that type of rebuttal information, I have to believe that it's not out there.

Norman Alston

Krieger and Eager saw something in February or March, according to the emails. Of course there are drawings readily available, especially if they refute the concerns of the Trinity Vote position. Consequently, not releasing them suggests fairly strongly that they would not refute the Trinity Vote position. Kinda' like pleading the Fifth.

Still more unsettling is the statement that the engineers have, what was it called, "big roaditis"? Halff is a large, successful firm. If you tell them you want 4 meandering lanes, it is absurd to think they would give you 6 or 8 interstate-like lanes and not notice the difference until you reminded them. If that's what they've drawn, it is far, far more reasonable to assume that someone with authority to do so told them that's what they wanted. I'm not feeling good about any of this.

jorge soto


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