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Jun 27, 2007


Norman Alston

We're recycling more, without a doubt. For us, we wish the recycling pickup was twice a week like for of the standard gray trash container. We usually only take the gray trash container down once a week now. Great program. I just hope it is actually getting recycled. Do we actually know that?

Matt Wood

I've been surprised by how much more we are recycling because of these bins (since we already had neighborhood bins 1/2 a block away). I am with you, Norm. Our non-recycle trash container fills up at half the rate of my recycled container. I'd do well if they picked up my non-recycled container once a week, or every other week, as long as they picked up the recycle bin every week as well. Or perhaps my household should eat fewer things that come in cardboard boxes and metal cans . . . . .

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