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Jun 25, 2007


Jeff Siegel

When you saw the mayor the other day, did he mention what he was going to cut from the budget to pay for all those cops, since he has said we don't need any new taxes?

Rick Wamre

No, when I saw the mayor (at the end of a very long table filled with about 40 of my "closest" business friends), he didn't mention anything about budget cuts or anything specific for that matter. I read in the Morning News the other day that Leppert, like former Mayor Laura Miller (I like the ring of that), has the ability to "fill a room" with his personality. Personally, I've never seen that when I've run across him; instead, he seems like a hyper-kinetic, super-energized guy who has the ability to talk fast and passionately without saying anything very specific. That will work for awhile, I suppose, and then we'll see what he's really made of. I don't mean that as a knock, either, just an observation.


Easily one in four women will be a victim of violent crime in their lifetime, so I'm not surprised at the jury mix. Remember, violent crime includes car jackings and rape.

The disillusioning part of jury selection is that most time, the lawyers seem to prefer people without knowledge and experience about crime -- who don't read the paper or watch the news. I think it's about time we redefined what constitutes impartial and reconsider disallowing people who have prior knowledge of the crime because they watch the news, because in big criminal cases, it' virtually guaranties that your jury isn't the brightest string of lights on the tree.

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