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Jun 28, 2007



There was a flood in the early 1990's...Dallas and south of Dallas (Ennis area)...I think the Trinity crested around 46? in Dallas and 42 near Ennis (family friend's ranch was flooded). I don't remember the date as I was young...I do remember photos of freeway interchanges descending into floodwaters in the Dallas metro area...NOT pics of Nat'l Guard wading UNDER them...anyone remember when this was?? Year and month would be appreciated.

High and dry in SoCal...


Stoney McMurray (Brooklyn, NY)

I was five years old in the Fall of 1943 and was enrolled in a private (there were no public ones in Dallas) kindergarten located at Marsailis and E. Colorado Blvd in Oak Cliff. Some time that school year, probably during the Winter, the Trinity flooded 'way out of its banks and almost to the tops of the levees.

The old Houston Street Viaduct, which still had its river-crossing span down where Industrial Blvd had been built, just outside the East Levee next to downtown, was so threatened that it was closed to traffic, for fear it might be carried away by the high water-flow pressure against its supports in the controlled flood plain. I seem to recall the nearby street-car and interurban trestle also being closed. The water stayed at near-levee height for several days. When it became more-or-less evident that the Viaduct would hold, our entire kindergarten was marched down the hill on Marsailis and out onto the viaduct, past the levee a way, and allowed to look down at the muddy, slowly moving water, with odd bits of debris floating along. At 69, I still remember be awed by such a thing, as I was familiar with the usual view from a car window or the street car on its trestle (more or less where the Jefferson Blvd viaduct is now) of the dry or slightly muddy river bottom and the river in its fairly narrow channel.
My parents were both old-time residents of Dallas and Oak Cliff from before the levees were built and the river re-channeled. They could remember other floods which came right up to the railroad embankments leading into Union Station.

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