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Jun 22, 2007


Larry Gott

The Pier One Imports in Medallion Center? How the mighty have fallen!

In the early 70's, I was the manager of the Oklahoma City Pier One, and each month we received a ranking of all the stores. The Medallion Pier One was always number 1 or number 2 in the country. In those days, we non-Dallas managers would visit the Medallion store to see "how things were done right". That was back when a Pier One had more than furniture, and was a FUN place to go to, to ooh-and-aah, and to buy.

When you went into the Medallion store in, say, 1972, there would be 50-70 customers looking around for gems in the little nooks and crannies of the store. It was one of the "in" places to go to, and to take out-of-town visitors.

Now recently, I was in there the other night with three relatives, and we four plus two others were the only ones in the store. Sad. No excitement, and no fun anymore. Anybody else remember the fun days of Pier One?


You're right, they forgot the basic rule: sell cheap stuff. Of course, they used to be the only place to get cheap import items, for many years, and now everyone has them, from Ikea to Garden Ridge to Wal-Mart. Their closest competitors, you'd have to say are people like Crate & Barrel, and I think they must have seen places like that doing alright and decided to go more upscale. Really, Ikea comes closest to filling their niche (and more) in a way, because so many things are truly inexpensive there, and that's what students and young folks starting out need, not a $300 patio chair.

Norman Alston

I always think of the old Pier One when I go to World Market. That to me is the fun place to explore for odd/interesting and cheap import items. The food and wine are a bonus.

Kris Scott

I was going to make the same comment about World Market, Norm (Norman? Which do you prefer?). Especially after Larry's comments about finding things in nooks and crannies. You almost feel like you're on a treasure hunt in that store. That, and they have a superb selection of crappy, cheap kids' toys that make for excellent stocking stuffers come the holidays.

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