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Aug 02, 2007



I was thinking that a Sprouts could work well in Oak Cliff as well. I think it would be a great choice for Casa Linda though!


I'd be grateful for anyone who sold really good fresh bread. I'm sure it's money demographics they're considering when placing stores since, like Central Market, certain items will probably be a bit pricey. I can't afford to buy meat at those places. I actually did once recently (ribeyes), and it was twice as much but no better than if I'd gotten it at Albertson's.

What I like most about places like Central Market are their bulk items (spices, candy, nuts), cheese (CM's import cheese is actually cheaper than the chain stores'), bakery, and prepared foods.

Another store that might work in Casa Linda is Eatzi's. They're small but have lots of goodies.

Kris Scott

Paula, we recently ran a magazine item about East Dallas resident and chef Philomena Aceto, who's baking some incredible breads and then selling them at the Farmer's Market on the weekends. You can find out more at philomenafood.com.


Any place that covets Southlake and Frisco isn't coming to the east side of WRL. Our parking spaces aren't big enough for the requisite Hummers.


The clientele and the Marsh/Forest location doesn't seem particularly upscale.

Matt Wood

I second the Eatzi's suggestion - and have said as much to the people redesigning Minyards into Whole Foods. We have many great outdoor spring/summer/fall events (Shakespeare, Arboretum concerts, downtown Jazz, etc.) and just being around White Rock and Flag Pole for a picnic, all seem to require a trip to Eatzi's for the requisite picnic items.

Jeff Siegel

That would be the Eatzi's that's hanging on by the skin of its teeth, with just two stores left? http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/stories/011307dnbusromano.31017e3.html


Eatzi's or anything of that upscale ilk is the last sort of thing I'd like to see in Casa Linda.

I don't get all the grumbling about what we don't have here.

Count me as a satisfied resident.

I moved to Little Forest Hills 7 years ago because I loved the area as it was. I like the scruffiness of it. I don't want there to be crime havens on Garland Rd. But I want it to feel a tad scary to visitors from the 'burbs.

I have no intersts in getting a tatoo but I hope we always have a tatoo parlor in the hood.

I find Albertsons to be more than adequate as a grocery store. I am in there 4 or 5 times a week and never have understood the way folks grumble about the chain.

We have lot's of options as far as places to eat. And they are all pretty much reasonably priced. Most importantly we have Barbecs.

I like living here yes I do.

Matt Wood

yep - that same Eatzi's - which is why I think including it INSIDE something else would work better. I continue to do my part to keep it in business.

Mostly, I am with you Ceemac. I love the edginess here, the ecclectic. But change happens, always has, always will. So I like to toss out my thoughts of how it might transpire (even if I can't do much about it.)


Highjacking the thread, I guess...

Talking neighborhood makes me think, Where do guys get there hair cut? I get mine at the Arcade Barber shop in Casa View Shopping Center. Ray runs a great place. My cut is 10 bucks. Old fashioned, plus Ray collects guitars and amps which are hung on the walls.

Also, Casa View is sprouting tons of new restaurants. New one on Shiloh has papusas, and pan dulce. New Grocery store on Shiloh and Ferguson has handmade tacos for a buck, homemade tortillas, man, I love my neighborhood more and more.

More local faves? Sounds like a new thread. Maybe I can be your casa view reporter?

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