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Aug 16, 2007



Awww, but we just got Angela Hunt to notice!

Matt Wood

By my count, it is less than 11 weeks or just under 3 months away. So I'll call the over/under on this 28 days. Smart money is on under.

East Sider

Angela Hunt is even more scrumptious in real life than she is in photos.

A sidebar to This Civic Moment (TM) is the complete tanking of any scrap of credibilty the DMN might have still clung to. They are now officially a broadside of flaccid marketing collateral punctuated by wire releases.

Michael Davis

I'm with you Jeff. I'm experiencing a deep sense of Trinity fatigue.


Check out the FrontBurner. It's amusing to see Tim Rogers "gladdened" by the results of the poll that just blew up in his face.

Not that I'm saying you should post about it.

Jeff Siegel

Oh my. Couldn't help myself. Looked at that thing that Gaddis mentioned. Having shakes. Cold sweats. Keep thinking of Ray Milland in Lost weekend.

But will not post. Will not post. Will not post.

Michael Mosteller

No offense Jeff, but you have to keep posting about this. In the next few months, the Belo Machine is going to barrage us with story after story about how the project will be doomed by this referendum.

We will hear how traffic is going to come to a screeching halt if we don't build this toll road. We will hear how this toll road is the key to getting everything in the project done. Project Pegasus, the park, the bridges, and the revitalization of the southern sector are all in jeopardy because of the evil, power hungry Angela Hunt and the dirty, fraudulent "voters" she invented to destroy the project. We will see Angela's motives called into questions since this naturally is all a big ploy by her to become Mayor.

We will not hear the term "toll road" any longer. Instead, the machine will only refer to this as either "project" implying the toll road is not a piece of the project that can be cast away but rather the glue that holds the whole thing together. Or it will be referred to as a "parkway" implying the park and road are partners in the project. The park will beautify the road. Who wouldn't want to drive next to a pretty park? They will try their best to take the emphasis off the toll portion of this road. You want this road, you need this road. Aren't you tired of sitting in traffic at the mix master? This road will help alleviate that.

And the last tactic they will use is that we voters just don't get how complex this project is. Our tiny brains can't push through our emotions to see the complexity and importance the road has to the project. I mean, none of us were a CEO of a company or a TX DOT engineer so how can we know how vitally important this toll...err parkway is.

This issue demands people like you and Jim Schultz balancing the rhetoric the Toll road crowd is throwing out. We won't get any objectivity or balanced reporting from Belo. They have been given their marching orders. Anyone who wants this park without a toll road running through it should rest on their laurels. We better not get tired or bored of this debate. The Belo Machine has unlimited resources. They aren't going to stop till they win. We better be ready for the fight. So buck up and take aim, Jeff. You are doing a great service for this city.

ryan adams

Just post more pics of Angela!!!

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