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Sep 18, 2007


Jeff Siegel

Brad used to call or e-mail me each month: Jeff, what are you going to write about? In the early days, as often as not, I didn't know until the last possible minute. Brad always put up with that, and always drew a professional, intelligent and witty cartoon. I still have one that he drew of me, framed in my office -- and yes, he caught me exactly, scruffy and irritable.

One of the things I love about this business and that makes it so much fun is that you get to work with people like Brad.

Byron Todd

Around 1978-80, I was just a kid who loved cartooning and Brad opened up his Memphis home and his studio to work with me on skills and techniques. He gave his time without payment, and even did some original creations for me that I still own. I use what he taught me still today, and I will never forget him.

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