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Dec 21, 2007


Norman Alston

This is such an odd area specifically because of the disparity in development and income that exists in such a tight proximity. I've wondered for a while which way it would go. In 1979, I would have never envisioned that the Fair Oaks area would someday be what it is today. But if we're planning, let's think a moment..........

How about if the development spans across to incorporate Medallion, and Fisher Road becomes the Main Street/pedestrian friendly, cafe umbrella-dotted urban street that we love? New retail at street level fronting both sides of Fisher. Fisher could even be rerouted to meander a bit between Abrams and Skillman. And maybe we build things out of brick and stone instead of polyurethane. Could get interesting.

Melissa Kenny

Where are all the mid to low income people and college students supposed to live? Even the Village is tearing down all the older units and making everything high rent. I know we all want it to be nice...but really...where do the poor people go? I feel for them.

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