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Jan 23, 2008



Looks great to me! I have no issue with the parking.


That all sounds great. REally. I think architecturally they are fine and dandy. Now, can they change the insides to being a Central Market?

Neal K

Looks great, but I hope the plans include a sidewalk along all three sides of the lot. This would go a long way to help preserve the Main Street/neighborhood feel of the area. The sidewalks would need to have landscaping or grass on either side and not edge up to the curb like you sometimes see along busy streets. Reasonable lighting would be nice too, even if it comes indirectly from the parking lot lights.

Anyway, this may already be in the plans but I can't tell from the reduced image.


Shocked that nobody is questioning the statement by Whole Foods that they cannot afford to do a green building. Is that true? Unbelievable! All new city buildings are green. Private development should follow model.

Valid point by Ms. McAlester regarding current PD and configuration of building.

Norman Alston

Haven't heard them say they can't do Green. If you check out their website, you will find that sustainability is touted as corporate philospophy. However, I have questioned previously their decision to send a usable building to the landfill, a very un-Green (or should I say Red?)thing to do. In fairness, the position of the current building appears to be part of the problem that prompted the PD requirements. I heard it said Tuesday night about the Minyards; "We missed it the last time, we won't miss it again." Sounds like everyone wants the current building gone.


Another big box with an expanse of parking along Abrams. Just another suburban grocery store. Same old forumla.

WH should take the time to re-negotiate the underlying ground lease and build a green building with a different footprint. One that is really deserving of Lakewood.

In Ridgewood, NJ they shoe-horned a store into a developed urban lot with a ture Main Street feel. You walk along the perimeter sidewalk and you think the buildng had been there all along - the storefront is active, pedestrian friendly, and in-context to the Main Street retailing in the area.

This footprint is a disappointment (in my opinon). Not a contribution to the Lakewood neighborhood.


This needs to get done for the future of Lakewood. The retail centers around this area will become energetic again. Hopefully it will bring neighborhood folks out and they will want to visit the whole foods for more than just shopping... You go down to the Austin store it feels like a destination not an old grocery store...

Ryan Stewart

The Whole Foods store (in whatever form)is exactly what is required to attract and retain quality neighborhood retailers; which is the heart beat of any 'main street'. Don't push them away or we will see 4-5 years of stagnation and deepening disinvestment.

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