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Jan 21, 2008


Brady Moore

I will say my prayers that it's a Trader Joe's! I've heard rumors for a while about them eventually getting to Texas, so hopefully our time is near. If not, once Whole Foods eventually moves to the old Minyard's spot in Lakewood, I think the current Whole Foods Greenville location is a perfect candidate for Trader Joe's.

Anna Short

Click on this form to request a Trader Joes in the old Whole Foods Greenville Space. Also talk to Roger Andres over at the corner of Henderson and Richard in Andres Real Estate about what you would like to go in at the old Carnival Supermarket Location - he owns that sight and has considered putting a Trader Joes there if his apartment development doesn't work out. Lets all show our support for Trader Joes coming to East Dallas by emailing our neighbors this link to request a location and make sure you put the address 2218 Greenville Ave Dallas TX 75206 so they know the exact location we want them to move. I will pray for it too but lets take some neighborhood action. My husband is on the board for Vickery Place NA and we are going to send out a mass email telling people to bombard Joes with our requests.

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