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Jan 07, 2008


Aren Cambre

Vauhgt is definitely vulnerable. He's a freak of an anti-Bush tide that won't play nearly as much in 2008.

Jeff Siegel

I meant to mention the Goolsby-Kent race in District 102 wghen I posted last week (http://backtalkeastdallas.typepad.com/back_talk/2008/01/dallas-countys.html), which is another bellwether in how Democratic -- or not -- Dallas County has become.

The district, which takes in a bit of Garland, some of Lake Highlands and North Dallas, has been GOP for a while. Goolsby won it by about seven points in 2006. If he loses -- and Kent looks like she has a chance, using a Vaught-style, education-oriented campaign, then that's another point that we might be seeing a change.

Quentin Mendoza

In reference to Aren's comment above, Bush must be doing a pretty bad job if Dallas voters are willing to elect one freak just to protest the presidency of another.


The anti-Bush tide is definitely receding. His approval rating has climbed back into the low thirties. Don't take your W sticker off just yet.


Anyone who thinks Vaught's election had anything to do with any "anti-Bush tide" or Dallas County's Democratic Vote is wrong. Check out the District Election Analysis on Vaught's page on the House of Reps Website at

The same people who voted in the majority for all of the Republican Judges had to mark out their ballot to vote for Vaught, who was basically the only Democrat to win in the district. These are NOT people who are voting straight tickets, or if they are, they decided not to vote for the R in that race.

There are many probable reasons why, for instance the right-wing stances of the former incumbent including his pro-voucher/anti-environment typical republican ideals that don't sit well in this area of town (including Lake Highlands). The people in this district are independent thinkers and CHOSE Vaught, it was no accident.

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