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Jan 22, 2008


Jeff Siegel

Geez, the park's not good enough now, they have to have a logo?


The second one amused me - a leaf, a fish and a bird??

East Sider

Scarletti, that's actually a human corpse, a truck tire, and a rusted fifty-gallon drum. But boy, do you ever have vision!


I think the third one is most representative of the project as it looks rather like a multi-lane, high-speed toll-road. Although it does look even more like an upside-down support ribbon.

Mike Harris

I think the middle one has the most potential. Very creative, IMO. The other two could be anything -- they're just 'blah' to me.


How "Dallas" to think a LOGO is needed. Will we need a logo for that fancy bridge????


What's a symbol for boondoggle look like?

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