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Feb 07, 2008



The meeting yesterday was a joke. I saw how rude Leppert was to Ms. Hunt and how the rest of the council except Angela and, it pains me to say this, Rasansky, have no clue. I was astonished at what went down yesterday. Dont these people prepare for the meetings. No wonder this kind of thing happens, imagine what goes down that we dont ever hear about.......Anyway......

Jeff Smith

Here's another article I found about this story from the Dallas Blog.


Jack Norris

Gas drilling as close as 300 ft. to neighborhoods and parks is a retarded idea.

It really is troubling that everyone on the council except Hunt and Rasansky think this is a good idea. Where were the public meetings on adopting this policy? It's sad that our new mayor and council put revenue ahead of safe and clean neighborhoods. Sad, but not surprising.

It's time to clean house at City Hall.

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