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Feb 06, 2008


Norman Alston

From the Washington Post in January 2007 (Alan Coleman, Sunday, January 21, 2007; Page A03) on the formation of this new "Covenant": "Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are leading an effort to forge dozens of small and medium-size, black and white Baptist organizations into a robust coalition that would serve as a counterweight to the conservative Southern Baptist Convention.

The giant SBC, with more than 16 million members, has long dominated the political, theological and social landscape among Baptists, often spawning resentment among smaller Baptist groups. It has also been closely aligned with the Republican Party.

The new coalition, which is Carter's brainchild, would give moderate Baptists a stronger collective voice and could provide Democrats with greater entree into the Baptist community. But Carter and other organizers are trying to walk a fine line, insisting that the alliance is not directly political while touting its potential to recast the role of religion in the public square."

I found this article through the New Baptist Covenant website.

Excuse me? The Pastor is complaining that "It aggravates me that everything today is framed by political ideology more than gospel or spiritual identification..." ? Let he who is without a political agenda cast the first stone.

This would also seem to be a good time to point out that just because this group chooses to reaffirm the biblical mandate doesn't mean that others who are not involved with them are not living that mandate daily or even need to reaffirm it. That mandate is not questioned by anyone, except of course the part about respect for religious diversity, which is a Constitutional mandate, not a biblical one.


Excuse me are you a troll for First Baptist. Every Christian knows that you can not serve two masters either you will love one or hate the other. You can't put God and this country together. America is apart of the world it's like oil and water they don't mix and never will. What are the SBC true motives their actions have shown that they care more about politics than what Christ has spoken in his word. Everything is about politics now and saying that other cults for example Catholics and Mormons are Christians too that's false. Remember there will only be one book read Revelations if you can't catch that.


I'm not religious myself, but I am for anything that moves those who are religous away from the lunatic fringe. Of course, not all religous folks in America are part of the Religous Right, but those who aren't need to find their voice and Carter's coalition may help them.


James, call me old fashioned, but I'm of the view that bad grammar does not glorify God. You should learn to avail yourself of those lovely jots and tittles that we call periods and commas.

I'm not a Baptist (I'm a theologically conservative Anglican), so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I must say that Norman's response seems quite well grounded.

And what do you have against Roman Catholics? Anything other than bigotry?

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