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Feb 28, 2008



I'm not at all surprised by this. It's hard to get any self-respecting person out sign-toting on a street corner. I know in my case, that's because I don't see how that really accomplishes anything. I mean, other than having lots of supportive signage at a rally, just seeing people on a street corner toting political signs isn't going to change anyone's vote. I mean, marketing has gotten QUITE A BIT more sophisticated than that in the last couple of decades. However, I can assure you that everyone running has spent some money on hiring people to do this very thing.


i like the Hillary signage at Greenville and Mockingbird that they taped around all the light and street signal poles......Thats illegal right?


I'm glad you brought that up. Because one of my pet peeves is how all signage except that put up for political campaigning is illegal in posts, poles, etc. in Dallas. I actually believe I was instrumental in stopping the lost-pet sign ban for another year a few years back by calling all the media and pointing out the irony that only politicians were allowed to post signs. But then they slipped it by me one year when I wasn't paying attention. And so here we are. If you lose your kid and put a sign up about it, they can fine you up to $2000, but you can put up political signage all day long.


Very telling about the Clinton campaign that they actually have to pay somebody to show support for her. It's also a sad commentary on the state of our economy and Hillary's compassion that she would exploit the services of poor blacks to forward her agenda. You gotta know those folks were being paid minimum wage-if that.


Another Obama stooge peddling his lies. Ofcourse the signs were paid by Hillary Clinton. WTH!


You don't have to pay me to stand up for hours on end holding Barack Obama signs.... This couldn't be a clearer signal that she's yestrday's news, let's turn the page, democrat party.


I just caught a glimpse of Sen. Clinton speech on CNN and she is a screamer!! For the last few weeks she has showed me her 35 years of experience, whiner, crier, and always being the victim. Sen. Clinton is sooo paranoid that she didn't answer the phone after the first ring, she is not fit to lead this nation.


For anyone who's still undecided, some of these views may help clarify.



For anyone who's still undecided, some of these articles may help:



Getting caught paying black people to hold signs is GREAT NEWS FOR HILLARY!!!

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