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Mar 07, 2008


Christina Hughes-Babb

In college, I interned at NBC, and when I was out working in the field (a.k.a. following Brenden Higgins around with a tripod) the number one person people always asked us about was Rebecca. She was their biggest star — even way back in ’98.

Sarah Britt-Bush

What a loss!

I was STUNNED to hear that my favorite local personality was let go, sacked, fired.

What a miserable mistake.

Also, Texas weather is infamously the toughest to predict. As Finfrock came from Harold Taft, I thought that Rebecca was part of that line who are THE folks for Weather in Texas.

She is always a joy to watch, and now there is no reason to watch in the morning -- so I won't.

Gheez, I hope another local station snatches you up. I'll miss you Rebecca!

Jeanette Howeth Crumpler

I remember her saying she was the last person Harold Taft interviewed and he was very particular but she passed with flying colors. I am sorry to see her go. I'm always amazed at the weather people anyway. There are those who take credit for the weather, those who intone like monks chanting, those who giggle their ways through the whole forecast and those who remind me of CPAs GONE WILD!
As to this past snow storm, hours and hours of reporting the latest snowflake led me to Channel 29 where I watched the goriest show on TV, "Alarma TV". Lianna Grechel is the hostess and she outshines any Playboy Bunny as to looks. Legs six feet long, a front Al Bundy would die for and she really is quite stunning. Her co-host looks like Donny Osmond.

Norman Alston

I can't decide which is worse in local tv news, the loss of the calm, dependable, business-like newscaster like Bob Gooding, Chip Moody, etc., or the retention of such honorable figures but having to watch them play up to the high melodrama so popular with that medium today. What do you think, Tracy?

Shelley Sivakumar

Younger and prettier are not always better. I hope Channel 5 recognizes that the majority of young people are watching reality TV and not the news.......... Rebecca was perfect - hopefully another local channel will grab this opportunity.

Lisa O'Grady

Channel 5 has let the best weather person on the air go. What the hell are they thinking??
And this "buzz" about weight? Rebecca is not fat! Just because she is not a size 2? She is absolutely beautiful, classy, intelligent and funny.

Terri Snell

I too will miss Rebecca, also the others on the station, since I will no longer watch Channel 5. Sometimes change is good, but not in this case. Rebecca, please sign on with a local station soon. Other stations, listen up, grab her before Channel 5 comes to it's senses! She is one of the only reporters of weather that seemed real and down to Earth.

Ben Willis

Shame on you NBC 5. Rebecca was wonderful and a perfect fit for your morning show. She was also involved with many community projects and charities. Also a huge supporter of the Fort Worth Zoo. Again, Shame on Ch.5!


What a stupid mistake. I have watched Channel 5 for over 25 years but will no longer, I have switched stations. Rebecca was a great morning weather person, and I will miss seeing her, I can only hope another local station will grab her.


I believe that the actions by the powers to be at this station regarding Rebecca Miller were taken with absolutely no regard to the audience, and with that in mind I believe this tells me more about the person that made this mindless decision than he or she wants me and the public to know about them! Nuts to the audience we can sell anything.

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