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Mar 21, 2008


Jack Bredehoft

I know this response is now dated, but as a 'Full Gospel' beleiver, you raise a valid question. Personally, I believe Christians should not celebrate either holiday, because scripture does not instruct us to do so. Both holidays were invented by man, even though they are intended to 'celebrate' notorious moments in Christian history. Christmas was invented because a Roman emperor became a Christian during his reign and could no longer justify the month-long orgy/festival that was celebrated every year from approximately Decenber 5 through January 5; so he picked a day, roughly halfway between those two dates (December 25), as a day when all Roman citizens and subjects would stop for a day, and give presents to one another, and spend time togehter as family and friends. As time went on this became Christmas day, and all of the other secular things were added, as well. For the first 340 years after Christ was born, there was no Christmas. Additionally Jesus was born in September, so if we are to celebrate His birth, then that's when it should be done.

Easter happened in basically the same way. There was no celebration of His ressurection for several hundred years. As Christians we should observe and celebrate the Festival of the 'First Fruits', instead; this is scriptural. Don't trust me, investigate and research it for yourself; as I did.

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