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Apr 11, 2008


Aren Cambre

You're going to find this strange, but I do believe we need to accomodate the "congestion whores"/suburb commuters. While their value system causes them to make different choices than me, they are not unreasonable, and they are valued participants in our economy.

So keep widening the roads!

I wish Schutze would stop his tired song about the park. How many times do I need to repeat that it's a glorified drainage ditch? Who cares if a road consumes a sliver?


Jeff you need to learn to go the back way. My company recently moved from its 50 year home at Greenville and University to Spring Valley and the Tollway.

I used to buy gas once per month and had little stress. People didn't believe me when I said my vehicle only had 55,000 miles on it after 11 years.

I refuse to get on LBJ (at all costs). Hillcrest up to Spring Valley, that is my saving grace. Also a willingness to stay late until the traffic lets up..

How do people live that way? Two hours from Frisclosure to Downtown -- are they crazy (I ask rhetorically)?

Aaron K.

Hear hear. I don't believe I've posted here before, but I too live here to avoid traffic and increase walkability. Sadly, I still have a bit of a commute to work, but other than that, I can walk to everything I need.

Here's to hoping I can work from home in the future.

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