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Apr 13, 2008



I have lived in Dallas all of my 53 years. Fair Park has always been one of the great but unappreciated features of this city. There have been numerous examples where citizens, patrons and leaders of Dallas have either ignored FP, or even more heinous, treated it with contempt. While I believe a good portion of this neglect is due to the "part of town" its in, I chalk much up to an ongoing and consistent lack of true sophistication, foresight and aesthetic in this city. I have given up with trying to convince people of what we have in FP, in many other cities I believe this would be accepted as self-evident and treated as a rare jewel. I have also tired of numerous bond elections over the years where promises are made and all I see is maybe some paint and a few brick walkways. FP continues to suffer from apathetic leadership in both the city and with the FP board. At this point I can only hope for a miracle that our populace will wake up before it is too late. If there is some success in selling this renovation idea maybe interest will rise, just too bad that the only salvation maybe the banal necessity of naming rights.

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