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Apr 04, 2008



Yeah for the Chick-fil-A! It is great.


Yes, I talked to a senior level executive a couple of weeks ago, and he said they were definately moving to the Skillman area. They have been looking for a storefront for quite some time. Now that the Valley View mall is closing, they were looking for a profitable location. Glad to know they (JCPenny headquarters in PLANO) think we down in the "hood" have profitable areas.


The new store at the Shoppes at Timber Creek is scheduled to open in October 2009. The company's growth plan that Rick mentioned has stalled because of "unfavorable economic conditions." If contracts have been signed (and I don't if they have been on this particular project), then it's probably a go; otherwise, JCP could possibly delay this and other planned openings.

JCP has wanted another store inside the loop since North Park closed. At the time it closed, I had heard that the mall basically wanted JCP out so Nordstrom could come in so they made the rent very unfavorable. JCP was quite successful at NP for many years, as it was one of the original occupants when the mall opened in the sixties.


Nancy, last I heard, only the Macy's at Valley View is closing. Did I miss some big news?



This whole project is a terrible immoral shame. I lived at Timbercreek for 14 years. I lived amongst this wonderful area with 44 acres of forest and the Caruth Creek, White Rock Creek and Medallion Creeks running throughout the length of the property untouched until now. Trammell Crow has even decided to change the name of the property to "Timbercreek Crossing". I get it "Crossing" from an urban forest to a concrete jungle.

You get excited over Chick-fil-A? C'mon. I suggest you visit this pristine area. Have you ever seen nature in the middle of Dallas that has remained untouched by development and pesticides for over 35 years? Have you seen red tailed hawks nesting? Night herons nesting? Kingfishers diving? A live stream teeming with fish? Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! That, my friend, would make you very excited.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Trammell Crow made a progressive move and kept the creek and forest area intact and could construct walking trails that could lead right to the White Rock Lake Trails. By keeping this entire area untouched, generations of folks,that live in our area, could enjoy this for years to come. Your kids could feed the ducks and enjoy the park area.Trammell Crow would have a legacy to be proud of.
With this remaining a park, the traffic problems would not exist, the flooding from the the Home Depot would quickly empty into the creek, and not flood the proposed stores.

It is such a shame to bastardize this creek and cut all of the trees to make room for more retail., more retail. Does Dallas need more retail? SO, this will be the legacy of Timbercreek. There will be no timber, no creek, but a much anticipated Chick-fil-A!

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