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May 15, 2008


Rick Wamre

I don't want to disrupt your rant too much, but I'm pretty sure that if you have AT&T wireless/home/dsl and/or some combination thereof, you can get free WiFi at Starbucks. I have used my computer at a number of Starbucks locations in Texas and elsewhere and been able to connect (I'm an AT&T user), although the connection is sometimes different and more difficult from one place to the next. What I've found is that if you enter a Starbucks with an AT&T account, if you don't connect immediately or instead wind up on the T-Mobile page, you can enter att.net in the browser window and the browser will bring up an AT&T sign-in page. By using my AT&T internet address and password, I've been able to connect. It works for me, anyway...


Don't forget about White Rock Coffee. Yes, for you hard-core Lakewood types, you have to cross Mockingbird AND Northwest Highway to get there, but it's locally-owned by honest-to-goodness Seattle natives, they roast their own beans, and they offer free Wi-Fi.


Umm, yeah, try White Rock Coffee! Not only are we locally owned we LOVE Lakewood! In addition we roast our own coffee fresh daily and when it comes to cards.... load up a White Rock Coffee card with $20 or more and you get TEN PERCENT MORE. Not just a dollar for dollar trade, FREE COFFEE!! As always, free WiFi.

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